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Assekese Vocational Institute – Engow, Central Region

Water System

The nearest water source to the school is a borehole located at the entry of the village which is about 1km from the school.  The group was planning to drop a submersible water pump in this borehole and pump the water to an overhead tank and connect this for the use of the people in the village including the students.  Just at this time another NGO provided a borehole for the school and the group took the advantage of this new development and caused a poly-tank of 10,000-litres capacity to be bought and mounted on a stand about 20 feet tall.  The arrival of water on the campus encouraged the group to lay pipes to vantage points like the kitchen, catering department, hair dressing department, the toilets and bathrooms to enable students to have easy access to clean water, and a stand pipe was provided for general use.

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