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Solar Electrification Project – Sushen, Western Region

Sushen is a small agricultural village, situate in the Wassaw-Fiase Impohor District of the Western Region, but not too far from Elmina in the Central Region.  This village came into the lime-light when the Elgam Foundation Project Manager chanced upon it in a hunting expedition.  The village has a population of about 200 people who are farmers and hunters. The nearest big village to Sushen is Akutuase where they do almost everything.  There is no vehicle in this village so they always have to walk the 3km distant to and from Akutuase.  There is the Sushen River which gives them water until borehole water was provided, and there is a primary school for their children.  The nearest JHS is at Akutuase where their older children have to trek to and from school.


The group paid their very first visit to Sushen in November 2007 and later decided to give the people solar lighting system and a television set to give the people and their children some form of entertainment.  The group therefore provided a 165Watt Solar panel with cables and other accessories including technical assistance and the local people provided poles for the electrification project.  At present 21 external lamps are put at vantage points of the village including a class-room to enable the children study in the night.  In addition a 21-inch television set was provided to enable the children know there are other places in Ghana besides their small village.  This project in addition to an expansion works

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