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Assekese Vocational Institute – Engow, Central Region

The group located a vocational institute for girls at Engow, off the Winneba – Mankessim Highway at Eyisam junction.  This vocational institution is meant to cater for girls who cannot pay for their education.  At the time the group discovered the school, there were already three class-rooms, two dormitories and an office.  The dormitories though structurally completed, were not plastered and painted, and there was no ceiling and electricity.

The Bakery

To help the village of Engow to support the school with bread and make some money, a small commercial bakery was constructed for the use of both the school and the women of the village.  The project includes a structure, mixer and roller, gas cylinders and a gas oven as well as bread tins. Electricity was brought in for both the mixer and the roller.  The total cost of this project is GHS5,591.00.

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